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MMC International, is a young, professional publishing company specializing in the development and marketing of universal prepaid cards. In all possible forms.MMC International likes to think along with you and comes up with surprising, effective ideas for gifts, premiums, bonuses and prizes that everyone is happy with.

MMC International offers the ideal solution. Get acquainted with our Prepaid Cards, for consumer and business applications. Maximum freedom of choice for the consumer, your employees, customers or relations. Can be used internationally in all stores and sales outlets. And one hundred percent reliable, through our collaboration with reputable financial partners.

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MMC Card: 1 for the have and 1 for the give

Money transfer is a collective name for transferring money abroad. People who live and work abroad, and want to transfer money, to family and friends, use the MMC Card.

The mmc Card is a debit card that contains money from a person (the buyer) with the aim of making these funds payable to a third party (also card holder) elsewhere. This card comes with a duplicate. One for the buyer and one for the family in the home country. Therefore the slogan: 1 for the guy and 1 for the guy.

MMC Card: a versatile card that everyone likes

The MMC Card is a versatile card and ideal means to pay also abroad, often used as a gift card for example for a birthday. We like to break this tradition, because throughout the year there are good times to surprise someone, especially since the versatile MMC Card can also be used with unprecedented product possibilities, such as:

- Save Card
- Student card
- Anti-skim card
- Senior card
- Bag of money card

- Shopping card
- Travel card
- Holiday card
- Fashion card
- Books card

- Tank card
- Supermarket card
- Etc.


Promotional gift? Stop headaches

For a good relationship you as a company like to do something extra. A nice, original gift expresses appreciation and underlines the good relationship. The offer is plentiful. But choose something that falls in favor with everyone. Nearly impossible. With the EURO Cash Card you can circumvent that problem. The credit on this card is worldwide, to spend on everything. Maximum freedom of choice.


These EURO Cash Cards are ideal for business applications, including as / at:

- Incentive for dealers and sales team (motivation)
- Attention when purchasing or delivering a product (aftersales)
- Launch of a new product
- Attention when completing a project
- Gift for staff (birthday, achievement of a target, etc.)

- Give-away at shows and seminars
- Savings program
- Actions
- Etc.

XMAS GIFT CARD: the Christmas package of the 21st century

Are you already out for this year?

A fine tradition, but at the same time a real nightmare for many employers: the annual Christmas package. Try to make everyone happy ... A given horse does not look into the mouth, says the proverb. This is no longer the case for the Christmas package. It is unpacked critically unpacked. Bah, duck liver pâté! No, eh, a hand blender. A bit of contemporary things like, not such a dull Christmas candy. Ordinary, popular products like coffee and tea. Do you recognize this? End this squat once and for all.

Choose the Christmas package of the 21st century

MMC International has the ultimate solution: the Xmas Gift Card. A atmospheric payment card with a credit of 25, 50, 75, euro or whatever amount you wish. The card is in a chic package, optionally printed with your logo and / or a special Christmas message. Exactly as you want it.

Maximum freedom of choice

With the Xmas Gift Card your employee can actually go in all directions. Buy an exclusive gift, all to your own taste. Or spend the credit on books, CDs, cosmetics, clothing. A nice dinner maybe, an amusement park. Or do no-nonsense shopping, pay the barber, refuel. It does not matter. Really maximum freedom of choice.

Hundred percent reliable

In essence, the MMC Card, the EURO Cash Card and the Xmas Gift Card are 'regular' payment cards. Then put it in a separate jacket. MMC International is issued in collaboration with a large, international bank. This allows us to use the Master Card platform. Hundred percent reliable.

How does it work exactly?

After an inventory of your wishes, MMC International will issue an offer. By agreement, the cards (and packaging) are produced. You deposit the money for prepaid funds into a third-party account of the banking institution with which we work. No one except the recipient of the card can arrive there. The card is activated with a pin code sent to the recipient by SMS.

Balance used? Then you can top up the card via bank transfer, in the shop or via iDEAL, with any amount up to € 150 per day.

“ Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. ”

-Multi Money Compagny International-


Many cash payments?
Choose the EURO Cash Card!

The efficient and safe handling of cash payments is still a difficult and labor-intensive business for many companies and institutions. A balance between convenience, trust, safety and simplicity of administration ultimately determines the best solution. MMC International offers a new perspective with the EURO Cash Card.

What is the EURO Cash Card?

The EURO Cash Card is an efficient solution for companies and institutions that:
- Their employees and / or clients want to make money available, but where a bank card or credit card is not acceptable and where cash is too laborious or risky (for example: coach and truck drivers, location managers, technicians);
- Have a lot of cash transactions with a fixed user group (for example: social services, foreign temporary workers, retail trade where 'butter with the fish' is common);
- To have a user group that regularly has to pay limited amounts, but which are (often) poorly accessible (for example: employees working abroad, reports, camera crews, commission and bonus payments); - To have a user group that must be supervised when making expenses (for example: under administration, debt assistance). The EURO Cash Card has various variants (standard, customization and Full Service) that make it possible to easily control the spending pattern of the card user. The company can provide the cards with the necessary balance in real-time online. The EURO Cash Card thus replaces labor-intensive, costly and risky activities related to the holding of cash. It is therefore possible to quickly respond to 'ad hoc' situations of employees or clients and to make them available immediately. Through a special website you can view all balances and transactions on the cards. Of course, no more money can be withdrawn than the credit on the EURO Cash Card.

For whom?

The situations described above are frequent at the following companies & institutions:
- Municipal social services
- International transport companies (roadside breakdown, fines, ferry services)
- Employment agencies with foreign temporary staff
- Administrators (pupil accounts)
- Debt restructuring institutions
- Airlines (denied boarding, cabin crew, lost-luggage)
- Travel organizations (bus drivers, tour guides)
- International (aid) organizations
- Companies with many branches (schools, nurseries, branch companies)
- Universities and colleges with foreign students
- Event organizations

Benefits for company or institution:

- No more cash in stock
- The card has no value for activation and a debit card on the card is not possible
- Pas is provided with a pin code that can be changed by the pass holder
- Activate, charge or block real-time and online cards
- Making direct money worldwide via ATM or Visa payment terminal
- Image enhancement: you can issue your own cards, possibly with your own company logo and / or design
- Adjustable transaction and withdrawal limit and possibly numbers of transactions
- Simple link with financial administration possible
- Cost savings: no credit and interest rate risk, no Money transport costs

Benefits for pass holder:

- Balance directly and globally available at cash and payment terminals with Visa logo
- Card is remotely upgraded so that the customer or employee does not have to come in person for the payment
- Less cash in your pocket
- In case of loss or theft, the balance is not lost refund to new card is possible
- Possibility to change PIN code

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